Cortex V3.1.3-b11163 ProRes 3.2k clips

When transcoding from Alexa ProRes clips that are 3164x1778 (3.2k) to ProRes you will get a shift to the left of the entire image.
when you view the original clip in QT you will notice black bars on both the left and right along with a small black bar top and bottom of each clip.
If you attempt to transcode this clip with “don’t resize” the result produces a clip that slides the image to the left and up in frame, you end up with a larger black bar on the right and on the bottom.
All of the original image is retained but only repositioned.
this may not be a problem for most but when you attempt to play the new clip on something like a Clipster the black is filled with a double image and noise.
setting a deliverable with a custom sizing of 3200x1800 works just fine.

Hi Joe,

We will try to reproduce this here. Have you tried 4.0 to see if it handles these clips any better?

Hi Peter,

yes i have tested this on version 4.0.1-b12129 and i get the same results.

Hi Joe,

We fixed this issue in 4.1.1. Do you need it in 3.1.3 as well?

We are still primarily running on this version until we can test the latest version of 4.1 so a fix for 3.1.3 would be nice