CORTEX v3.1.3 Release Notes

VERSION 3.1.3 b11127

Is now available. Click here to visit the download page
Please note if you have CORTEX Enterprise you will need a separate license to activate the IMF feature. You can get this license by contacting You will then need to click the “Install IMF” button in the upper right corner of CORTEX and follow the prompts.


  • COLOR: Full ACES support
  • EDIT: Able to handle subtitles (SMPTE Timed Text)
  • EDIT: Able to trim and move subtitles using the mouse rather than keyboard shortcuts
  • EDIT: Able to do audio and video fades
  • QA: Added a QC tab to monitor video bit rate for formats that support it (J2K, DNx, ProRes) and audio levels
  • RENDER: Able to pickup renders for formats that support it (DPX, EXR, etc.)


  • COPY: Allow user to select folder when doing an archive job
  • COPY: Allow copy/archive jobs to go to the same destination if barcode is changed
  • COLOR: Include some predefined LUTs when creating a new project (ie Full to Legal)
  • COLOR: Optimize grabbing of stills
  • EDIT: Ability to generate tone in the slate tool
  • EDIT: Usability improvements working with supplemental IMFs
  • EDIT: Optimize editing with many events
  • GENERAL: Support for Panasonic Varicam files
  • GENERAL: Update RED SDK to 6.2.0
  • GENERAL: Update Sony SDK to 2.4.0 adding support for Sony XOCN format
  • GENERAL: Update DNx SDK to and AMT SDK to 2.13.1 which includes REC 2020 support
  • GENERAL: Update Mainconcept Codecs to 10.3
  • GENERAL: Update EVS SDK to 2.8.3 (click Install IMF button to update IMF license if applicable)
  • GENERAL: Update Adobe DNG SDK to 1.4 adding support for compression
  • GENERAL: Ability to use timecode control to navigate by frames (pressing ++ or – gets you into that mode)
  • GENERAL: Faster decoding of TIFF files
  • GENERAL: Ability to reverse red and blue channels in DPX files
  • GENERAL: Add ability to read uncompressed OP-1A YUV 10 bit files
  • GENERAL: Add ability to read IMF packages that have packing lists with new 2016 XML namespace
  • GENERAL: Add ability to read WAV files bigger than 4 GB
  • GENERAL: Add option to use UTF-8 tables when creating a MySQL databases (required if working with subtitles that contain non-ASCII characters)
  • GENERAL: Speed up importing of long file per frame sequences (use Import -> File per Frame Sequence)
  • QA: Include timecode in dead pixel CSV report
  • QA: Integrate Photon IMF validation tool (requires Java)
  • RENDER: Improved readability of render bar tooltip
  • RENDER: Add EssenceDescriptor to CPL when creating an IMF package
  • RENDER: Multi-channel audio (> 2 channels) H.264/AAC renders now write each channel to a separate track
  • RENDER: Add some new bit rates to AAC audio encoder including 320 kbps
  • RENDER: Add ability to do Hulu MPEG-2 encoding


  • GENERAL: Fix issue reading timecodes in Alexa Mini MXF files
  • GENERAL: Fix issue opening Sony FS5 files
  • GENERAL: Fix occasional crashes when working with Sony F5 clips
  • RENDER: Empty audio tracks in a composition are replaced with silence when rendering
  • RENDER: Catch missing deliverable events before deliverable is marked complete
  • RENDER: Fix vis tc burn in issue when rendering a 23.98 clip to 29.97