CORTEX v5.3 Release Notes

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VERSION 5.3.2 b18933


  • EDIT: Guided IMF creation with presets for several studios
  • EDIT: Full Dolby Vision shot level analysis results to composition gap list display
  • EDIT: Better labeling of Dolby Vision metadata
  • EDIT: Ability to mark ranges in a Composition Reel for VFX Pulls
  • EDIT: EDL locator enhancements
  • EDIT: Auto assign audio channel labels for SMPTE DCP
  • COLOR: Toggle button to preview the difference between (backward compatible) Dolby Vision v4.1 and v2.9
  • COLOR: New separate Effects tab
  • RENDER: One-to-Many concurrent rendering for compositions
  • RENDER: Ability to do temporal conversions with DNx OP-Atom
  • RENDER: 12 bit and 16 bit options for SDR IMF (Disney)
  • RENDER: Set language in DTS audio files
  • RENDER: SMPTE B v2.1 extension metadata
  • QA: Update Photon IMF Validator to latest master build
  • QA: Dolby Vision validation results now include Canvas Size and Image Size
  • GENERAL: Improved playback performance of media player
  • GENERAL: Option to include DisplayWidth/DisplayHeight for DisneyIMF

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed audio timecode display bug in Sync Tool
  • Fixed file-per-reel renders issue: now package when reel is closed
  • Fixed render hang when a certain error is reported
  • Fixed issues creating and loading encrypted SMPTE DCPs
  • Fixed issue reading audio from a QuickTime file containing properties that were set incorrectly by other software
  • Fixed parsing of Filmlight LUTs
  • Fixed audio language setting
  • Check to make sure all files are present in IMF folder before importing
  • Fixed issue rendering audio to DNx files at various frame rates (ie. 59.94)
  • Fixed issue with unsaved color changes being reverted when setting a mark in or out
  • Fixed AES3 audio error when trying to render out 50 FPS XAVC
  • Fixed issue encoding AS-11 X1
  • Fixed Dolby Vision ROI issue: maintain position when zooming image
  • Changed default location of cortex.config.xml to the Users\Public folder to avoid permissions issues
  • Don’t allow naming templates to be set for IMFs that don’t use a token
  • Fixed issue where a hardcoded naming template can cause file-per-edit IMFs to overwrite the same file
  • Fixed issue: respect gaps when rendering TIFF sequence from Video Track 2
  • Fixed: Don’t include bit rate and resolution in Sony Stream audio file names
  • Display stills as they were saved and not have the current LUT or color correction applied to it
  • Changed GOP size for Streaming H.264
  • Fixed Issue with Streaming HEVC HDR renders not finishing
  • Changed streaming fragment duration to 3 seconds
  • Fixed HDR Graph exporting issue
  • Fixed issue reading certain DPX sequences

VERSION 5.3.1 b18605


  • GENERAL: Bug fix: certain Avid DNx renders might not complete

VERSION 5.3.1 b18401


  • GENERAL bug fix: crash when opening a job in DIT version

VERSION 5.3.1 b18358


  • QA bug fix: allow Dead Pixel functions for clips

VERSION 5.3.1 b18244


  • COLOR: Still exports include window burns of the selected config
  • COLOR: Arri Look processing can apply 3D LUTs or CDL values found in Arri MXF
  • COLOR: Improved reticle tool
  • GENERAL: New One-to-many simultaneous renders
  • GENERAL: New control to EXR config to enter a custom value for pixel aspect ratio
  • GENERAL: Upgraded Arri SDK to v6.2.1.0. Adds support for Alexa Mini LF camera
  • GENERAL: Updated consistency and usability of user interface
  • GENERAL: Add ability to import a folder of media files without creating source extractors (Import Media Folder Fast). Useful for indexing a folder of media files for future use
  • GENERAL: Support for Dolby Atmos® reading and writing
  • GENERAL: Deliverable Config for HBO Warner Media IMF
  • GENERAL: Deliverable Config for Hulu IMF
  • QA: New loudness meter and analysis
  • QA: New ability to import and process Netflix style dead pixel CSV files
  • QA: Improved dead pixel detection algorithm
  • QA: ROI control for dead pixel detection
  • RENDER: Improved support for SMPTE DCPs including Dolby EDR
  • RENDER: Composition Reel to render individual events from a composition

Note: there is a required database update for v5.3, and Cortex will prompt Yes/No for the update when using a project created in a previous Cortex version. This will only affect projects that already have compositions (IMF or DCP timelines) that were created or imported using earlier Cortex versions. If those projects are updated, you cannot go back to v5.2 without re-creating the audio configs of the older compositions. (or re-importing the IMF)

VERSION 5.2.1 b16930

  • IMF fix: pass through ReferenceImageEditRate in CPL

VERSION 5.2.1 b16907

  • QA: Fix for Dead Pixel Detection
  • GENERAL: Fix to allow rendering of ProRes XQ 8K
  • GENERAL: Allow Dolby Vision™ in a generic IMF Deliverable Configuration

VERSION 5.2.1 b16770

  • GENERAL: Fix for Sony Venice XOCN

VERSION 5.2.1 b16650

This release requires CUDA 10. Please be sure your GPU driver is at 411.31 or newer.
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  • GENERAL: Add a new version of Cortex called Cortex QC that includes Edit and QA tools
  • GENERAL: Add support for CUDA 10 including Nvidia 2080TI cards
  • GENERAL: Add support for AJA Kona 5 and Blackmagic Decklink 8K


  • COLOR: Add support for ACES 1.1
  • COLOR: Improve look of waveform reticles and a millivolt scale
  • COPY: Add ability to append to a LTO tape and PDF report
  • EDIT: Add audio waveforms to audio tracks in the edit tool. They can be turned off via right click menu option
  • EDIT: Add support for IMSC 1.1 and image based subtitles
  • GENERAL: Update RED SDK to v7.1
  • GENERAL: Add support for Blackmagic RAW
  • GENERAL: Update Sony SDK to include Sony XOCN 4K 2.39 and Venice CineAlta-V at 6K-16x9 and 6K-2.39
  • GENERAL: Update Mainconcept SDK and HEVC codec SDK to include better HDR support
  • GENERAL: Add support for SXR file format
  • GENERAL: Improve handling of EXR metadata
  • GENERAL: Add support for ProRes RAW
  • RENDER: Improve ProRes MXF rendering support
  • RENDER: Add ability to do file per edit renders in a supplemental IMF
  • RENDER: Improve DCP signature compliance when creating an encrypted DCP
  • QA: Improve dead pixel detection and make it faster