CORTEX v5.5 Release Notes

CORTEX v5.5 Release Notes


VERSION 5.5.1 b22478


  • QA Tool Simultaneous Batch Analysis: Allows multiple modes of audio and video analysis to be
    conducted simultaneously.
  • Dolby ATMOS Timeline Audio Waveform: Displays waveforms in timelines to facilitate ATMOS
    audio editing.
  • Dead Pixel Render: Render only “fixed” shots when preparing IMF supplemental packages.
  • NexGuard Forensic Watermarking: Add NexGuard forensic watermarking to Cortex renders. (contact Nagra directly for a NexGuard license needed to use this feature in Cortex: NAGRA NexGuard)
  • BBC IMF: Produce IMF packages that conform to BBC delivery requirements (developed in
    concert with BBC engineers).
  • RDD 59-1 IMF: Produce IMF packages in SMPTE RDD 59-1.
  • IMF Markers: Expands and simplifies browsing IMF markers.
  • Loudness Meter: Supports dialogue-gating in loudness measurement. Adds presets for Netflix,
    Apple and other common standards.
  • IMF Package Import and Validation: IMF packages are automatically validated upon render.
  • Encrypted Assets: Use encrypted assets in any composition.
  • Extract Audio Groups from MXF and QuickTime: Automatically extract audio grouping and
    mixes to expediate rendering.
  • Auto Composition with Dolby Vision Metadata: Automatically include Dolby Vision metadata
    from source in composition.
  • XDCAM Deliverables. Adds ability to set AFD flags.
  • Composition Audio Configuration. Adds the ability to define QuickTime audio track details.
  • EDL Import: Now includes color.
  • Shift+Left/Shift+Right: Arrow jumps by one second.
  • Copy Tool: Copy large file counts—hundreds or even thousands of files—more efficiently.
  • Waveform Monitor: Now includes line select.
  • DCP MXF File Naming: Adds a checkbox for file naming conventions.
  • Encrypted Atmos. Encrypt ATMOS files within DCPs.
  • Max Luminance Detection & Reporting: Max luminance in addition to RGB HDR 10 values.
  • Output Filenames: Automatically fix bad filenames.
  • DCP Enhancements: DCP seconds in KDM Time, drag-and-drop certification files.
  • Sub-Clips: Generate sub-clips in Sony RAW and RED.
  • SDI: Output options improved.
  • Expanded Metadata Editing for DPP AS-11
  • Enhanced Error Reporting for Render Issues, Including Bad File Names
  • Updated Support for Blackmagic, Arri and Sony Cameras.


  • Import EDL dialog hidden under player in Edit
  • Fixed slow playback for long composition in Graphs
  • DCP overlapping subtitles
  • XAVC MXF file format fixes
  • Dolby Vision XML export with target display values from all events
  • Korean text capability in IMF Validator