Cortex v5 keep reporting errors

I am using the FREE version.Every time I try to start a copy task,I have to wait a few minutes until the window pop up.This situation comes with a error says “license required for Decoding Feature:MainconceptImporter”.It actually makes the software almost unusable.Please help me out.

Hi Reynald,

What version are you currently running? Do you know the file types you are trying to copy? The DIT version is not licensed to read H.264, DVCPro/HD, and MPEG-2 file formats. A copy task does attempt to determine the types of the media files being copied so it is unable to copy those formats at this time.

Thanks for your reply.I am currently using Cortex DIT 5.2.1-b16650.When I try to start a copy task,the CPU usage increased to over 65%(My CPU is core i7 7700K btw).It seem that Cortex tried to scan all directories on my hard drive according to the log,and it stuck while it try to scan the directoriy that it don’t have access.(The System Volume Information folder in my case).Could you provide a way to solve this problem?Thankyou very much!

We will look into this. It should ignore that folder. Can you send the logs in c:\temp to

Thanks a lot!I have sent the log to you via email.

It is a bit strange,once I unmount the dirve E:/ ,the copy task window pops up immediately.I wonder if the speed is related to the number of files on my hard disk?
I change the label of drive from E:/ to G:/ and the error disappeared.