Cortex Version 3.1.3-b11127 notes

I’ve started messing around with this new version and
noticed a few things.

When I load a clip with sound and scrub or play the sound I
no longer see the output channels displayed to the right of the Stop, Play
frame forward, has this been removed?
In the past you were able to select the different deliverable tabs and see the audio channels that were being output.

I made a 30 minute render to DPX and noticed that the sequence is fragmented a
bit when examined on a DVS Spycer, this is not a major issue as its easy to

I’d like to add that the
addition of the preset LUTs is a nice touch, anyone ever thought of adding a
clipping LUT to Legalize a file?
We have something we use here that we load into the Cortex on occasions when we receive content from vendors
that contain illegal video or color values.

Hi Joe,

Thanks for the notes. The audio volume meters work differently now. You will only see them on the left side of the stop button if you are playing anything in the clip bin. You will see them on the right side of the stop button if you are playing a composition or reel.

We will look into the fragmented issue as well as adding a Legalize LUT to the list of default LUTs.

Thank you Peter,

Just an observation,
I’ve noticed that if i bring in a file or image sequence and merge it with an EDL during the “Create Auto Composition and Merge EDL” process and then export that EDL my source timecodes that were in the EDL along with any CDL data that was in the EDL that i merged are gone.
Perhaps this is intentional?

We don’t carry through the source timecodes and CDL data from the original EDL. Right now, a brand new one is made. Is this something you need to carry through?

At present time I do not have a need to retain the source code and CDL.
I was just thinking that if I merged an EDL that contained source code and CDL data and then manipulated the timeline i.e. pulled the blacks or inserted something followed by then exporting the finished timeline with the EDL all of the original metadata would be retained.
Maybe some sort of checkbox to give the user the option to retain source metadata.

Yeah. We can look into doing something like that.