Cortex Vr1.5.1b4280 UI Bug with Clip List


I have been testing the vr 1.5.1 beta and have encountered a small UI bug. If I need to select multiple clips from say three different camera rolls I run in to an issue where the list will jump back to the top of the list (or more precisely the first clip in the group). So if I click on A001C001 then select B001C001 and I have scrolled down to reveal that camera roll, I will need to scroll down again each time I add to my selection. Thanks,


I have definitely seen that before. Do you know if this was also an issue in 1.4?

From time to time the selection would skip a clip if any bin filters where on or if I clicked on the last clip visible in the bin it would jump about three spaces up but never to this extent.


OK, thanks. Putting this on our short list to look into more closely.

OK, should be fixed in build 4375.

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