Creating Projects and Bins in NOVA

NOVA expands upon the Clip and Bin structure in Correct to include addition Project information for organizing your workflow.

All of these new parameters are optional. To use basic Bin/Clip functionality, simply name your Project and create a Bin underneath with no additional options checked.

##Creating a Simple Project and Bin

  1. Right-click on the top-level Share and select Create Project
  2. Name your Project and click OK
  3. Right-click the new Project and select Create Bin
  4. Name the Bin and click OK

##Project Options

Nickname and Job # are for your reference

By specifying # Reels and selecting the corresponding options, NOVA will automatically create corresponding Bins

For each Job Folders that you select, NOVA will generate special folders to autosave options like dewarp tracking points and PDLs

Optionally specify a base Media Location and Media Folders option and NOVA will generate a directory structure that you can copy your media into. Note: You will still need to use Create Clip, these are not watch folders.