Dead Pixel accept

Hello All,
Doing some testing with 5.3.1 Enterprise edition.
I’ve loaded a sample clip of DPX that i know has a few dead pixels.
I’ve ran the detection and the system found the dead pixels as expected.
My problem is that i cannot seem to accept or reject a logged item.
I can however select Shift-G to accept them all or Shift-A to reject.
this may be operator error on my part

Hi Joe,
Can you try the following after disabling the Accepted checkbox under the “Show” area

  1. click on a dead pixel either through the mouse click on a box or on an event
  2. Press the G key.
    does the event or box disappear?

Also, if you want, please go to

and view the video tutorial for Dead Pixels.


Hello Larry,

Thank you for taking the time.

For some reason it doesn’t seem to make a difference if the accepted is checked or not.

Like I mentioned, in my test case I have 2 pixels detected in the clip. Shift-G (prompts me with the following window, “Change dead Pixel” are you sure you want to change all dead pixels in this view?

At this point both items are selected (accepted), if I Shift-A both items are (Rejected)

If I select both Shift-G I can then highlight the one I wish to reject and use Ctrl-Shift-A so that only 1 of the 2 events is accepted and 1 is rejected.

“G” and “A” alone seem to do nothing.

I have viewed the video you sent along.


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Are you using a composition or a source clip?

Also, which version are you running? I’d like to try that one to be sure.

Larry, I’m running version v5.3.1-b18244 “Enterprise Edition”
steps done,
import a 10 second DPX clip 3840x2160
from the QA tab I select enable ROI 2.201 my footage is letterboxed.
select the source clip, press detect. The system found 15 instances ranging in severity from 00.2 to 100 and persistence 60.5 to 71.2. Of the clips found 13 white 1 red 1 blue. In this instance Netflix only flagged 1 clip with a severity of 100. as mentioned I’m unable to individually accept or reject clips.
Shift-G allows me to select all clips, I then highlight the 14 I do not want and press Ctrl-Shift-A. this rejects the 14 I do not want and leaves the one I do.

Joe, let me know if I can give you a call. Email me at

Hi Joe,
We’ve identified that problem and have a fix building for it now.

thank you all for your continued support.