Dead Pixel Candidate List Limit

Hi there,

We’re running dead pixel detection and fixing on some (occasionally) very noisy shots, or shots with starry skies!
This obviously kicks up a lot of results, sometimes a lot of false positives. Cortex seems to limit the number of results per shot to 100 candidates meaning we could miss some dead pixels as they don’t make it into the list.
Is there a way to deal with this? Perhaps increasing the limit for a specific shot?
We could render out, re-import and rerun detection, but creating multiple generations of media is obviously best avoided.


Hi Will,

We don’t have a way to deal with shots that have lots of dead pixels right now. It does limit it to 100 per shot. We will see if there is anything we can do about this and get back to you.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the reply.
Okay, that’s good to know - I’ll keep my eyes peeled for updates.

Thanks again,