Dead Pixel detection and Repair

We are testing the Dead Pixel detection and repair function in version 5.5.1-b22501.
I’m testing with an edited master and merged EDL.

  1. Are there recommended settings for severity, persistence, and size? If not what are your clients asking for just so I have an general idea.
  2. After detecting a master can I export out a CSV or file with pixel coordinates, I only see the PDF graph.

After I have approved or rejected the detected pixels I then enabled the filtering of dead pixels and created a composition. When I add the events to be rendered and attempt to close the real I get the following message.
Unable to close reel due to the following:
Found reel event 203/deliverable event 0 mismatch for Jan30_dead_Pixel
A coherence check is being preformed please try again shortly.
After waiting a few moments I’m able to close the reel.

Hi Joe,

We recommend starting with all settings at the minimum. The updated algorithm can have actual dead pixels with pretty low persistence, severity and size settings depending on the content. You can export a .csv of the dead pixels by right clicking on the composition in the bin and selecting Export Composition Reports. There is an option to create the .csv in the dialog that comes up.

As far as the reel creation and closing, it sounds like you added 203 events to the reel and attempted to immediately close it. The deliverable event creation happens in the background and can take a decent amount of time for that number of events. You don’t have to close it immediately, you can wait until the rendering starts to be sure everything has been created before closing it.

Thank you Peter, the export using the method you described worked, I was using the Export Report button on the lower right side of the GUI on the QA tab.

I’m trying to understand the 3 settings,

Can you possibly explain how the severity is arrived at, meaning what does a setting of “50” mean as opposed to a setting of “2 or 0”


Maximum size I’m assuming this is the number of pixels?

Thank you


Persistence is basically the number of frames in the shot the dead pixel is detected in.

Severity is how much different the dead pixel is compared with the others in its immediate neighborhood.

Maximum size is the number of pixels.