Dead Pixel Detection Not Finding Issues


We’re currently testing the dead pixel detection as part of our post facilities QAR procedure on mezzanine/colour masters. Currently a project we’re finishing has had an issue with (at least one) camera which has resulted in single frame dead/hot pixels. We decided this would be a perfect opportunity to test the algorithm.

Unfortunately, despite running the detection settings at the minimum/maximums (Min 0-Persistance, Min 0-Severity, Max 10-size) and having a composition of just the shot in question, Cortex isn’t finding anything. Has anyone else had any luck for single-frame pixel flashes?

We’re running Enterprise v5.5.1-b22998



Cortex does not detect single frame dead pixels at this time. It needs to persist for at least a few frames.

In order to detect a dead pixel on a single frame, it would be better to try our other software, DRS™Nova.