Dead Pixel Filter in Bin

Out of curiosity, I noticed that when the mouse cursor hovers over the DP icon in the Filter category, it suggests that the only events that will be listed are events that have an Accepted Dead Pixel. I noticed in a recent project that we made that it is viewing any events that had a dead pixel detected. Regardless of whether it was accepted. It could be one of the candidates, but still show up with the DP filter toggled on. Is this intentional? We aren’t in a place where this is necessary for our workflow, but I was curious about it and thought to bring it up to see what the intention was for it. I could also see the case for needing both, candidates, as well as Accepted only. Thanks.

David, I’m not sure I understand your post. First of all, what do you mean by the DP icon? We have checkboxes that determine the visibility of pixels at various status stages. For example:

  1. Candidate - All detected dead pixels. Candidates are not processed just detected.
  2. Accepted - Explicitly accepted by the user for processing
  3. Rejected - Explicitly rejected by the user and is ignored for processing
  4. Imported - From either a Cortex generated list or third party like Netflix
  5. Pasted - Copied and Pasted by the user from one shot to another.

It is possible to see Imported pixels when the Imported checkbox is disabled since Imported pixels are automatically given “Accepted” status.

I hope that helps.


Thanks, Larry. I was referring to the following image:

I grabbed this image in a blank project. But when the DP button is applied in the bin filter, I am noticing that all dead pixel events, regardless of whether they are Accepted or not are showing up in the bin. When the mouse is hovered over the DP icon, it’s claiming it should be Accepted only. Not a big deal for right now, but I was curious if the intention was for the events or clips to be Accepted only.

David, Thank you again for your follow up and I apologize for the late response. The DP button says, “Show Events with Accepted Dead Pixels”. The key is “Events”.

If you’re using a composition to detect the dead pixels, the events (or shots) that have been segmented by either shot detection or a merged EDL will have a set of candidates. If candidates have been Accepted, the shot(s) that contain accepted pixels will be displayed through the filter when the button is enabled. I hope that explains it properly.