Deliverable rendered with no LUT applied

(Charles Mumford) #1

Rrunning 4.1.1-bb13447

Yesterday, I had an h264 render without the LUT I had applied in Cortex. All other files of both delivery types (Avid DNxHD and h264) rendered with the LUT applied.

I re-rendered the one file with the issue today and it rendered properly.

(Charles Mumford) #2

…and it happened again last night. LUT applied in Cortex, DNxHD deliverable had LUT applied but h264 did not. One clip only.

(Charles Mumford) #3

…and again last night! This time, however, it was a DNxHD file that didn’t get the LUT and the h264 did.

For the record:

LUT applied in Cortex
ALE shows LUT applied
Actual file still looks like S-LOG

(Peter Firth) #4

Hi Charles,

When this happens again, please export the logs from Cortex with the problem job open before re-rendering the clip. Send these logs to