Deliverable rendered with no LUT applied

Rrunning 4.1.1-bb13447

Yesterday, I had an h264 render without the LUT I had applied in Cortex. All other files of both delivery types (Avid DNxHD and h264) rendered with the LUT applied.

I re-rendered the one file with the issue today and it rendered properly.

…and it happened again last night. LUT applied in Cortex, DNxHD deliverable had LUT applied but h264 did not. One clip only.

…and again last night! This time, however, it was a DNxHD file that didn’t get the LUT and the h264 did.

For the record:

LUT applied in Cortex
ALE shows LUT applied
Actual file still looks like S-LOG

Hi Charles,

When this happens again, please export the logs from Cortex with the problem job open before re-rendering the clip. Send these logs to