Difference between render and Cortex Preview

Using Cortex-3.1.3-b11127 when we fit width on a 4k (4096 x 2160) file, the rendered file when compared to the cortex preview appears to be different. The cortex preview seems to add a matte of some sort as we lose some of the picture.

Fit width would have the effect of adding black on top and bottom if your deliverable aspect ratio is 1:77 since the aspect of your source is 1.89. I suggest checking your deliverable and seeing if it’s set to center extract. If so don’t use the fit width or height buttons and then look at the deliverable tab to see if the framing looks correct. If so, render a clip and check it against the source.

v4, coming soon, would work exactly as described above, which should obviate the need for fit buttons. Let us know if that helped.

I think i am going alter the statement about the preview being wrong, i think the render is pushing in a little bit more as i seem to have more picture information on left and right and it creates a smaller letterbox. When it seemed to be matting it was a kind of illusion when i was moving back and forth between pictures.

Curtis, I’ll pass your observations on to the development team. Stay tuned.

Any resolve on this issue?

In the queue now. Will be in a maintenance release.

Was wondering when this fix will be available and the more I look at the problem I think its adding extra matte and the render is fine. The difference I was noticing was when you set it to letterbox as discussed. Can you confirm that is your findings also, meaning I we ok with the renders for clients for tomorrow and only interface in cortex needed to be fixed.

Curtis, we’re working on it right now. We should have a fix to you later today after we check it.

Okay. Fix is done. We are checking and will have a build out tomorrow.