DNxHR for HD Rasters

Trying to make the DNxHR Raster HD (not 2K or UHD) and Cortex throws an error.

Avid shows that DNxHR should work in HD rasters, but with the caveate-

“HD resolutions are only available as a proxy setting in a High-Resolution project. There is no way to select DNxHR resolutions from within a HD project-type.” - Any idea if or how this could work in a Cortex context?


Also- DNxHR options seem to only show as Avid OP-Atom, not OP-1a MXF or MOV wrapped… We are looking to get the DNxHR material to match the camera source clip name, the Avidification of the media breaks this (by design). Any foreseeable way around that?

Right now DNxHR only has OP-Atom as the output format. We can look into the other choices at some point. As far as HD rasters, we will have to look into how we can support that in Cortex. What DNxHR flavor did you choose and what size?

We were looking at DNxHR LB as a lighter-weight alternative to DNx36 for HD rasters.

In general, the ability to wrap any broadcast codec output as an OP-1a MXF (or MOV worst case) would be handy!

Hi Josh,

Wanted to update you here. v5 is able to do DNxHR in OP-1a files. We still need to look into the HD rasters however.