DPX Read Cache Settings

NOVA has an opton to enable a DPX cache in RAM, which will allow for smoother real time playback of 4K and larger files.

To enable:

  1. Log off the usual DRS Windows account and log in as Administrator
  2. Change Local Policy
  3. Select Start > Run
  4. Type secpol.msc and hit ENTER
  5. Select Local Policies > User Rights Assignment
  6. Find Lock pages in memory item
  7. Right-click and select Properties
  8. Click Add User or Group
  9. Add your DRS User(s) or a Group they are a member of, such as Everyone
  10. Edit settings in NOVA
  11. Right-click on NOVA and select Run as administrator
  12. Select File> Preferences> DPX Cache
  13. Check Enable DPX Read Cache
  14. Use the slider to choose a cache size, do not go over (Total RAM - 4 GB), so for example, if you have 12 GB, the cache should be no larger than 8 GB
  15. Click OK and exit Correct.
  16. Log off the Administrator account

Now your DRS users can run Correct normally with these cache settings

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