DRS™NOVA Online and Offline/Manual License Activation

Online Activation

The simplest way to license DRS™NOVA is using the online Activation with the Activation Key provided to you by MTI Film Support. This will contact our license server and complete activation for you.

Offline Activation

But if your workstation is not connected to the internet, you can activate manually.

You must provide your machine name and ID to MTI Film Support and we will respond with a License Key.
Please copy & paste the info from the window into a text file or body of an email to ensure accurate licensing.

To Activate Manually once you have both keys:

  1. Enter the Activation Key
  2. Click Enter Manually
  3. Enter the manual License Key
  4. Click OK

If you have a temporary license that needs to be renewed (for example, for an evaluation or during the initial order processing), please contact MTI Film Support. We will update our licensing server and you can update your local license in one of two ways:

  • If you are online, just click Activate Online again to refresh your local license
  • If you are offline, please let Support know and we will send you a new License key, which can be activated the same way described above.