DVD Chapter Menus

Special thanks to @joeral and the gang for beta testing this feature and making it possible.

How it works:

  1. If you include a Main Menu AND you have ‘Include Chapters’ checked, then you will have:

    • Main Menu with two buttons: ‘Play’ and ‘Chapters’
    • Chapter Menus with 16 buttons on each page
  2. If you do not include a Main Menu, then you will not have any menus, but you may still have chapter stops if you have ‘Include Chapters’ checked

  3. If you have Main Menu checked and you don’t include chapter stops, then you won’t get a main menu.

Other notes:

  • The background for the chapter menu and the main menu are the same - whatever you choose in the config.
  • The menus will show up as 4x3 regardless of whether the DVD is 16x9. This is a limitation of the SDK.
  • There are no options for the button styles.
  • If you have more than 98 events on a reel, the ones after event 98 will not get any chapters.

This feature is available as of v1.5.3-beta b5098

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