DVD - slight stuttering when sourcing from 29.97i Prores source

DVD appears overly interlaced and slight stuttering when created from an 29.97i source file.

Our support for interlaced source material isn’t great right now.

We have made some improvements in some of the underlying code on our development branch, but I don’t have an ETA on when this will surface yet because there are a number of things to sort out at a higher level in terms of how that information gets passed through.

Which of these things do you need to do more often?

  1. convert 29.97i sources to 29.97i outputs
  • convert 23.976p progressive sources to 29.97i outputs
  • convert 29.97i sources to 23.976p outputs

Most often would be 23.98p to 29.97i with correct 2/3 pulldown.
But creating DVD’s from 29.97i source files has come up frequently.

This is supported for the DVD case today because the encoder inserts the pulldown. If you need this for other codecs, we’ll have to do it before it hits the encoder.

Is it mostly just DVDs?

We would like 23.98 to 29.97 with 2/3 for other codecs if possible. (Ex. 23.98 prores to 29.97iDF DNX145). Currently we use DVS clipster for frame rate conversions.

29.97i to 29.97i mostly for DVD? Well, yes and no. We’re starting to dedicate most of our DVD jobs to the Cortex because it is the most efficient. But we could/would use it for transcoding to other file types.

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