Error in Main Initialization when starting Cortex

I have an error installing the latest beta. Fresh install on this machine - no other versions have been installed. Cortex starts up and I see the splash screen. It gets as far as “version check” then I get an error that says “Error in Main Initialization - .ctor failed, returned -10175” and then Cortex quits.

I imagine there’s some file or config that was created in a previous install, but not with this new, clean install.

-10175 is an error indicating that the GPU library was unable to allocate memory.

Which GPU is installed? Can you check that you are on the latest NVIDIA driver?

It’s a GTX570. The card is in a PCIe expansion unit (Cyclone). Checking on version now.

Updated graphics drivers. Had version 320.18 installed. New version is 337.88. Cortex launches now. Awesome! Thanks!

Anyway to put that error -10175 in a human readable dialog? Pretty much the same wording that was in your post should work.

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Its supposed to put up a human readable dialog… will have to check why this one sneaks through.

At least searching the forum for “-10175” till turn this up now!