Error: insufficient gpu driver version


Hello Everyone!

I did a saerch for this, which came up empty, so I thought i’d post something here.

Using Cortex v5.0 DIT free version, after complete installation, when I launch the software, I receive an error message that read, “ERROR: INSUFFICIENT GPU DRIVER VERSION”, then it closes the software and does not allow me to use it.

Have anyone seen this issue before?

Thanks for your help!


(Peter Firth) #2

Hi Joe,

What kind of GPU do you have in your machine? We require a Nvidia CUDA compatible GPU.


I have an NVIDIA Quadro 4000 card in the system. With Cuda Driver Version 387.178

(Peter Firth) #4

That card is not compatible with CUDA 9, which is the version Cortex is currently using.


Ahh… ok. I see.
What version of the software is that card compatible with?

Thanks for your help!


(Peter Firth) #6

We don’t give out licenses to older versions of the software. The GPU needs to have a CUDA compute capability of 3.0 or greater. There is a chart here ( that will help determine which cards that is.


OK, Thank you for checking on this for me. Very much appreciate it.