Error: insufficient gpu driver version

Hello Everyone!

I did a saerch for this, which came up empty, so I thought i’d post something here.

Using Cortex v5.0 DIT free version, after complete installation, when I launch the software, I receive an error message that read, “ERROR: INSUFFICIENT GPU DRIVER VERSION”, then it closes the software and does not allow me to use it.

Have anyone seen this issue before?

Thanks for your help!


Hi Joe,

What kind of GPU do you have in your machine? We require a Nvidia CUDA compatible GPU.

I have an NVIDIA Quadro 4000 card in the system. With Cuda Driver Version 387.178

That card is not compatible with CUDA 9, which is the version Cortex is currently using.

Ahh… ok. I see.
What version of the software is that card compatible with?

Thanks for your help!


We don’t give out licenses to older versions of the software. The GPU needs to have a CUDA compute capability of 3.0 or greater. There is a chart here ( that will help determine which cards that is.

OK, Thank you for checking on this for me. Very much appreciate it.