File Imports/Clip Count in Shared Database

Had a couple of things pop up while running in a shared database

-Importing files into the system hangs up longer on the shared database than on a local one (5 minutes/5 hours of footage)

-Little to no latency between each clip alteration (sync, color) on either system.

-When opening a second job in Cortex during renders, Cortex may become unstable/crash. (This sometimes happens when working on a local database as well)

-Cortex renders/packages one reel at a time for file/reel deliverables (Potential feature inquiry – could Cortex potentially work on one H.264/DVD reel packaging between both systems?)

-If job is open on one system and another system opens the same job, it may cause the second system to see double the file count in the main clip bin. Restarting Cortex on both systems fixes the issue.



What type of files are you trying to import? How long does this normally take on a local database?

As far as splitting the file per reel deliverables between two systems, Cortex won’t be able to do that. We only render out one file for file per reel deliverables and it would be difficult to get two machines to write to that file simultaneously.

Your other comments sound like bugs. I will look at the logs you sent us and see what I can figure out.

I reviewed the logs. There are a few errors in there that I haven’t seen before. We will spend a some time trying to reproduce the issues here.

Sony F55 took about 2 minutes vs. <1 minute on local. Comparable amount of Alexa ProRes4444 loaded in <30 seconds on shared database.

I would expect there to be differences in loading time between different formats, but there shouldn’t be much difference between shared and local databases. How is the machine connected to the mysql database? According to your original post this is the only thing you found to be slower on a shared database, right?

That’s correct. No other differences between shared and local.