Filtering junk takes (aka No Rolls, Mis-fires)

Would like away to filter out the takes which are short, corrupt or just usable, while still allowing them to be available in cortex for investigative purposes.

Do you mean in an automated way or just to be able to manually mark a clip and hide it from the Bin and/or deliverables?

If the latter, you can already use the Print Status to mark b-neg/exclude takes and they will only be rendered out to deliverables that include b-neg in their config.

I knew about the print status function. I was referring to the clips bin, hiding clips so it is not so cluttered when you are working. Currently i can filter clips which are marked, but the unmarked and unusable remain.

Thanks for the clarification.

This is an enhancement we’ve considered but don’t have on the roadmap just yet, but we’ll note that it’s of interest to you guys, which will help us rioritize it as we continue development

If I understand correctly, there are really two requests here:

  1. Would like the ability to mark clips as “junk takes” (aka, No Roll, Misfire, etc).
    This would be another print status - it’s different from the current ‘B-Neg’ print status. B-neg takes may be perfectly good takes, but were just not ‘circled’ on set. Typically these days editorial wants all b-neg takes, but they don’t want “junk” takes.

  2. Would like more options to be able to filter takes while working.

For what its worth, the way that I’ve seen most people handle #1 for now is to do two things:

  • mark the take as b-neg
  • set the scene name to “NO ROLL” or “MISFIRE” or “JUNK” (pick a convention that works for you internally)
  • don’t add these takes to a reel*

* an alternative is to make a “JUNK” reel, and disable the deliverables. Then you can still add these clips to the reel and filter them away to address request #2. In 1.5.2, this will be a better workaround, because we will allow you to create reels with no deliverables.

Actually one really wasn’t something I was asking but interesting none the less. 2 was really what I was looking for.