Folder Naming on VFX pulls

I’m wondering if it is possible to have custom folder names when creating deliverables, particularly when doing EDL based clip pulls.
in the example below I’d like to pull this clip as ProRes from the source A345C011 and when the pulled clip is written by the cortex I’d like it to be in a folder by itself labeled as the comment name G307_06_010
001 A346C011_171010_R2R7 V C 16:30:11:02 16:30:12:06 01:00:00:00 01:00:01:04

  • G307_06_010

so if i had an EDL with 10 clips my deliverables folder would contain 10 unique folders each named with the comment name and each containing the pulled ProRes file named as the source.

I’ve tried playing with the Advanced folder naming on the deliverables path within the project creation page but haven’t had any luck.

Hi Joe,

We have had the request to override the output folder for a reel or deliverable before, but not for each individual event. I think it would require a good deal of work under the hood to get that to work properly.

You could get this to work in Cortex by adding each event to its own composition. When you render a composition you can override the output folder and name it whatever you want. It would definitely be pretty time consuming if you have a lot events, but its a workaround.

Hi Peter,
No worries on this what we routinely do is render the clips and manually place them in folders.
Thank you for looking into it.