H.264 creation in version 15838

I see that when you select H.264 as a deliverable in version 15838 that the Full / SMPTE setting is no longer an option.
Looking at the release notes I see the following
*** GENERAL: Relabeled H.264 color range control to be less confusing; hide when 10-bit selected since it has no effect.**
Is this note referring to what I’m seeing? If so when i switch between 8 & 10 bit I don’t see the option to change the color option.

Hi Joe,

Good catch on the release notes. It actually should read as follows:

H.264 is now always encoded to full range. Any full-to-legal conversion can be done with a LUT.

We found that the color range control was confusing to users so we did some testing and determined this would be less confusing. Did you guys have configs set to SMPTE?

Hey Peter,

We have always used full, we agree this eliminates errors.

thank you!