How do you delete LUTs from a Project?

How do you Delete LUTS, that have imported to a Dailies Project? (Color, Imput Luts Tab)

There is no way to delete LUTs from a project at this time… When you are in a new job, you can filter things only to show LUTs that have been imported or used into the current job though.

I was able to do it, I went to Project, Manager (“SHOW”) “EDIT” , Still Store, LUT location Path:, I found the same Path on “My Computer”, found the Folder for my project, opened it, then found the LUT folder, opened it ,and deleted the unwanted Lut from there. Now it is not showing on my Color, Imput Lut Tab

you were right, It can not be done, the Project refreshed and the LUT is back.
Thank you

Yeah, generally its not recommended to delete the LUT Cortex creates in that LUT folder… As you noticed, the LUT still shows up in the dropdown. If the file isn’t there, it just won’t do anything when you select it, which could be confusing.

Copy that. Thank you Dave.