Identifying and Carrying Camera Metadata Through Dailies

I’ve recently received numerous inquiries regarding the camera metadata carrying through the dailies process. When asked specifically which pieces of information they are interested in, they usually respond with “everything,” but the main interest seems to be focus, focal length, and lens.

Currently there are no options within Cortex to pull any of the camera metadata. Ideally, I’d be able to access all of the information that the camera provides, then be able to pick and choose which information is carried on by selecting columns, or even having options within the deliverable settings as to what information I’d like applied to that specific deliverable.

Adding it when creating a deliverable for a reel seems like the best option, that way you’d be able to output multiple “styles” of a specific format, so that all your media doesn’t get bogged down with information.

Either way, this has been requested quite a bit. Any chance of this kind of feature being implemented in the future?

Thanks for bringing this up. We will add it to our list of items to investigate.

As Peter says in his reply, we will be investigating. Which cameras are your customers interested in tracking? Do you think focus, focal length, and lens info is sufficient? Would you want to display any of this information as a burn?

Just had an AE on the show I use Cortex Dailies for ask for the same info - specifically, lens. We are shooting on Arri Alexa.

Was this feature added?

Hi Charles,

This feature has not been added yet.