Identifying circle takes in Avid bin name

We are routinely asked by editorial to mark the circled takes in the Avid bin “Name” column with an “" asterisk at the end of the naming I.E. "1B-05-B” (scene-take-camera).
Currently we either modify the .ALE or manually modify the Avid bin.
The asterisk is never desired at the beginning of the naming as this will affect the sorting of the clips.
Any way to add this to the .ale when the clips are being logged.

Right now, the only thing you can do within Cortex is to right click on each and select “Edit Name”. This would allow you to include the * at the end. The only other thing that we could potentially do is add a new naming format that includes print status. If this is something you do regularly, we can try to make this happen.

Currently we have been modifying the .ale file before the merge or simply modifying the name in the avid bin after the merge to make this happen.
We are getting the request to mark the circled take clips about 50% of the time now.
thank you for your suggestion.