Importing EDL with ASC SOP & SAT info back into Cortex

Hey Guys,

I’m trying to export an EDL from AVID with the ASC SAT & SOP, and LUT info (which originally came from Cortex) to bring back into Cortex so that I can easily pull .CDLs for VFX. But when I do, the info seems to go into the EDL Comments column instead of populating the correct columns.

Now, I could just go into each session and pull CDLs but that can be painstaking with hundreds of shots. Any insight into this?


You can import an EDL into the still store in the color tool; a still is created for each event in the “Imports” section of the still store. If you shift click a bunch of stills and then select “Export CDLs” from the context menu, it’ll create a single CDL with all the corrections in it (plus whatever other metadata was in the EDL originally)

Hey Peter,

Just tried what you suggested and each time I get a system error “Cortex has stopped working”.

I’m currently on 2.0.2-b7597

I can send you the EDL if you’d like.


Sure. Send the EDL to