Importing files directly from Mac Drive (HFS) can cause crash

Continuing the discussion from Can’t import BWF files with .bwf extension, only .WAV:

We tried importing BWF files in version 4432. After selecting the BWF files and hitting Open, Cortex crashes.

According to the Cortex log, we got the following error:
Cortex//ForWorker(0): Cortex unhandled exception: Illegal characters in path.

The BWF files are located in this path:
The F: drive is named “RAID_Wendy”. I don’t see how there could be illegal characters in the path. Is this error accurate? Are there any other logs you would like?

Hmm… that does sound odd. I thought perhaps there is a bug importing files from the root of a drive, but I just tried that with wav files and bwf files and it works for me. In any case, can you first try moving and renaming that file to see if it imports better from another location?

Looks like it’s the disk format that’s causing the problem. The drive was formatted HFS. With Apple’s Bootcamp installed, this disk is read-only, but the files play just fine in Quicktime Player.

I moved the files over to a different drive (NTFS) and they imported just fine.

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