Inverted clip error

I have a clip that was shot upside down. I went into the Color tab, Framing, and checked FLIP H and FLIP V. The image in Cortex now appears to be correct. When I render out clips, however, they are still inverted.

Is this function broken or am I doing something wrong?

Enterprise v4.1.1-b13447

Hi Charles, It sounds like you’re doing everything correct, yet we’re not able to duplicate the problem here using that version of Cortex. Please export the Cortex logs (the Logs button on the top corner, then click Save Log) and send them to us so that we can get a better idea of exactly what you’re doing.

The relevant source file is C124C012_190118_G706.mxf.
The relevant render files begin with 6-37A_01_C124C012_190118_G706_2019-01-17-mov-*

How do I attach logs? THe zip file and all files contained within are prohibited by the MTI Film website.

OK. Email the zip file to We’ll check it out as soon as possible.

not to jump in but is it possible the deliverable does not have color tool selected under framing. Had that happen to me once.

That was exactly the issue. Thanks!