Jpeg exports Not matching output captures

(Curtis Wilson) #1

We are noticing that the levels are raised on the exports versus files captured off the output of the system. It seems like it is the Extended legal monster rearing it’s head. Is there away to adjust the settings on export the same way you do on import?

(Amy Hawthorne) #2

What camera format are you working with?
Are you using any Display LUTs in the deliverables config?
Could you email us an example still & snapshot of the comparison output?

(Curtis Wilson) #3

The camera format does not seem to matter but in this case Alexa pro res. We have not applied a display lut

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(Curtis Wilson) #4

I believe you should be able to see the difference if you export a still in jpeg format and bring it back into cortex selecting the none setting and the comparing either visually or on the data scopes in cortex

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(Amy Hawthorne) #5

Cool, I’ll give that a try

(Curtis Wilson) #6

Side note the Hot fix version of 1.5.4 from yesterday seemed to break all our renders.

(Amy Hawthorne) #7

Ok, I would roll back then, since we cherry picked that fix, we should probably just wait and get you a stable 2.0 beta with all related changes in it.

(Curtis Wilson) #8

Any news or updates on this topic

(Amy Hawthorne) #9

For the JPEG levels, I’ve discussed with Hans and added the enhancement request to the list. Right now there’s no way to accomplish it.