Limit Get Original Values (GOV) to a single tool, such as AutoFilter

We’ve received requests to limit GOV fixes only to a specific tool, we’d love to get your input on how often and what cases you would find this useful.

We do 90% of our restoration totally manually, but there are some specific situations in which we’ll use an auto-filter. In a recent example, the filter just had way too many false positives, which we didn’t notice until after it was rendered, and someone had gone through the scene frame by frame manually cleaning up big defects. When the manual work was done, the scene was QCd and it became obvious that the false positives on the auto-filter were causing artifacts that weren’t as apparent when working frame-by-frame.

We ended up going through the whole scene one frame at a time and GOV’ing all the auto-filter results, and manually cleaning up anything that was a legit defect at the same time. It took a couple hours to go through the whole scene this way, so it would have been nice to be able to back out of just the auto-filter results.

I believe both Diamant and PF Clean, through the use of an “effects stack” allow this, by letting you disable or remove everything in that layer.