Lut XML files disappear - able to 'relink' to original LUT?

So we have several machines working with Cortex Enterprise. We have a shared network disk to hold all the luts and still files. (These are the files where Cortex takes the lut info and wraps it into an XML file and gives it a UUID name - ie abcdefabcdefabcdefabcdefabcdefab.xml).

We’ve noticed a few times where all the lut XML files will disappear. They are no longer on the shared disk. We can’t play any clips that had those luts applied (just a gray screen for playback). And, of course, the render with fail as well.

So there’s the obvious question of “why did the lut XML disappear?” But secondly, is it possible to ‘relink’ a lut file? For example, if Cortex is expecting a certain lut XML file but can’t find it, can Cortex alert the user that a LUT file is missing? And also allow the user to find the original LUT file to recreate the lut XML file?

We have never heard of the LUT files disappearing. We have heard of people changing the directory the LUTs are saved to and Cortex not being able to find the LUTs. We can look into adding the ability to relink a LUT, but I think we should try to get to the bottom of finding out why your LUTs are disappearing. How often does it happen? Do you have any logs from around the time it happened?

It happens about once a month or so. It seems to happen when we use Enterprise and open a shared project on a different machine. We have a shared network drive mounted to all machines using the same drive letter.

I’ll see if I can get the log files for the machines in question.

Here’s a question: under what circumstances would LUT XML files get deleted? Just when the project is deleted?

Yes, the LUT XML files will only get deleted if you delete the project.