Maintaining Clip Location

When testing Version 4.1.4 b13327 we noticed a difference from V3.1.3 b11127 when working back and forth between clips. Once I move from Clip A (which I was working in the middle of the take) to Clip B then go back to Clip A it will default back to the head of the Clip rather then the previous location I was at. Version 3.1.3 b11127 will remain at the last location you were on. Can V4 be updated to hold the current location?

Hi Jonathan,

This behavior is based on which Workspace you have selected for your job. There is a drop down in the lower left corner of the screen that allows you to select between All, Dailies, and Editorial. If you want to go back to the previous location you were on, you can select All or Editorial. If you want to go back to the head, you can select Dailies.

Good to know. Thanks!