Mask for GOV: Auto Filter

We performed a series of Auto Filters in DRS NOVA. It picked up a few images (i.e. earrings, clothing material) that resulted in digital artifacts/defects. Is there a way to apply a Mask (with animation) to Get Original Values for multiple frames?

Yes, you have to do it from the paint tool, using the Get Original Values mode.

  1. Select the Paint tool.
  2. Mark the sequence of frames.
  3. Create the animated mask.
  4. Select “Original Values” mode.
  5. On the first frame of the sequence, “paint” the original values, making sure you cover wherever the mask is going to be on all the frames in the sequence.
  6. Click the “execute macro” button (looks like a gear surrounded by square brackets.

That should do the trick.

Thanks Peter. I’ve tried that option with some success. Should I set the Mask polarity to inclusive or exclusive?

Mask polarity should be inclusive – it’s just like any other Paint operation, it just happens to be painting with the frames’ original pixels which were stashed in “history” files when the frames were modified.

Great - thanks again.