MBP 2017 (touchbar) GPU Radeon Pro - compatibility

Hi, I’m going to start a small project and I’m thinking of monthly subscription of DIT +.
wanted to know if it has compatibility with MacBookPro 2017 (touchbar) 16 ram, GPU Radeon Pro 4GB.
thank you very much!

Hi Fernando,

Cortex is a Windows only application and requires an Nvidia GPU.

Could you install parallels to use windows in mac?
but the problem is in the GPU …, I do not know why Apple does not let choose AMD / Nvidia GPU ;(

thank you very much!

It would run using Bootcamp if you had an Nvidia GPU. I believe we have had users try to do it with Parallels, but that didn’t work because of some other GPU issue.

i will try to get an HP z15 with nvidia GPU