Media Error -5071 Image File Open Failed - DPX

I am trying to create clipsfrom different sequences of .dpx files and get the following error:
Media Error -5071 READING FRAME -Image File Open Failed - File Missing?

They show in Project Manager preview fine. The header looks fine, too.
The files are ok in other software…

.TIF files are fine…

The “File Missing” part of the error makes me think that perhaps the application is having trouble with the path or the filename.

Can you try copying ~5 files into a different folder that is not too deep like: C:\test\? If that doesn’t work, try renaming those files to be something simple like clip.0001.dpx, etc.

I tried both, still having trouble…

Perhaps it is something particular with those DPX files. How were they created?

If you can share a sample, send us an email at so we can take arrange to take a closer look.