Midnight rollover playback issues

Alrighty - I have a bug that I though was squashed about a year ago with version 1.5.1, but it appears to not be fully fixed. It has to do with the camera recording past midnight and audio playing back.

I have one audio file and three cameras. The starting TC for these:

audio = 23:59:47:08
A cam = 00:00:05:12
B cam = 00:00:07:20
C cam = 23:59:59:20

They used common slate and the sync point is 00:00:11:04.

The A and B cameras work just fine. I can sync to them without any issue. Playback in Cortex also works fine.

But Cortex is having trouble with the C camera. Video plays back, but there’s no audio playing. Additionally, Cortex says the audio TC is hour 48 (near the slate clap spike in attached pic) and there’s no waveform displayed. (See pic below)

The good news is because the sync point if after midnight (and we trim clips to just before sync) that the clip starts after midnight. The Avid DNxHD 36 media that we make works fine and has audio in sync.

So this is just a playback issue in Cortex.

Edit: this is version 1.5.4 b6785

We will take a look and see if we can reproduce this here. Thanks for reporting it.

Just wanted to let you know that we can reproduce the issue here. We logged it as a bug and will investigate a fix in the near future.