Mixing DRS™NOVA and Correct DRS™

Because MTI maintained the underlying data structures, including clip formatting and History files, you can mix installations of Correct DRS™ and DRS™NOVA, either on the same workstation or within a facility.

##Side-By-Side on the Same Workstation

Running Correct and NOVA on the same workstation is simple, just install both and you’ll be all set. Both NOVA and Correct will read from the same Bin & Clip information and write to the same History location.

##Within the Same Facility

You can maintain one or more Correct seats for the VTR I/O feature, while upgrading others to NOVA. Just like with a multiple Correct seat environment, all you have to do is make sure all machine point to the same MTIShare location, that is on a shared resource accessible to all machines.

As with Correct, NOVA does not have clip locking or other restrictions against two machines accessing the same clip at the same time. To avoid conflicts or corruption, please make sure all DRS Artists know which clips or versions they should be working in so they don’t cross paths.