Monochrome DPX support

We have received periodic, but reltively rare requests to support monochrome DPX files in DRS™

If this is a feature you’d like to see, please let us know.
If possible, please include how frequently you work with this type of file and if it’s client spec, archive format spec or just “sometimes a project shows up in this format”


We have other applications that support the format but have avoided it when exporting for DRS due to compatibility problems. If we can cut down on disk space and required bandwidth (especially in 4K!) for our b/w films, that would make me very happy.

We do receive monochrome scans from one lab in particular, but we would utilize the feature heavily for “interim” restoration work regardless of incoming spec. Probably would not use as an archival format.

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@zembower We’ve added monochrome support in r745