MXF 1:1 Corrupt in Avid


We are running Cortex 5.3.2 b19424.

I have noticed when rendering the MXF RGB 1:1 option out of Cortex, the clips when brought into Avid, appear to be corrupt. Is there a possibility this could get corrected in a later build? If not, I am also interested in knowing if there are plans to introduce the Avid DNxUncompressed codecs into Cortex as an option for read/write. I appreciate all the help. Have a great rest of your week.


Hi David,

I think Avid is doing away with support for the MXF 1:1 formats. We do have plans to integrate DNxUncompressed. We will definitely have support for reading DNxUncompressed in our initial v5.4.1 release. The ability to write DNxUncompressed may not be available in the initial v5.4.1 release, but we will add it in a maintenance release.

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Thanks so much, Peter. Yes, DNxUncompressed would be a great alternative. MXF 1:1 won’t necessarily be needed for our workflow, if DNxU is available. Thanks for the update.