NAS shares and Cortex

(kenneth kordisch) #1

Does Cortex support NAS shares reading off of and writing to NAS shares? RIght now, I am having a tough time with Windows 10 and SMB mounts.

(Peter Firth) #2

We haven’t heard of any specific issues. Are you able to use the NAS shares in other programs OK?

(kenneth kordisch) #3

What is happening is if I add a media folder that is over 2TB from the NAS, it crashes. This happens on Windows 10 and 7.

(Peter Firth) #4

What types of files are in the media folder? Can you send logs to

(kenneth kordisch) #5

It is a mix of GoPro, Osmo, Sony F5 and an Audio Folder. Cortex is not producing any logs. It just crashes. Oddly enough, if I step into the Day 5 folder and add each of the separate cameras, it sees them fine and I don’t crash.

(kenneth kordisch) #6

I just took a screen capture of what I am seeing. I will send the video to

(Peter Firth) #7

Here is how you can get us the logs:

(kenneth kordisch) #8

I just sent those as well.

(Peter Firth) #9

When you select the media folder with over 2 TB of media, Cortex is returning the following error:

The specified server cannot perform the requested operation.

The reason this doesn’t happen when you step into the folder and select individual ones might have to do with the implementation of SMB that the NAS is using. It seems that there are some implementations that only support 32 files/subfolders in a folder.

(kenneth kordisch) #10

That makes sense. I will find out what version of SMB is being shared and let you know after doing some tweeking. I appreciate the reply.