New in NOVA: Expanded Bookmarks

DRS™NOVA includes new expanded Bookmarking features, including the ability to bookmark a range of frames and add notes to each bookmark.


M adds a bookmark/bookmark mark-in
SHIFT+M adds a bookmark mark out
SHIFT+. opens the bookmark editor
SHIFT+S and SHIFT+F navigate to previous and next bookmarks when the bookmark timeline is active

###Adding Bookmarks with Notes

  1. Open the bookmarks editor (SHIFT+.)
  2. Add a bookmark (M)
  3. The boookmarks editor will become active

    If you identified Reels and Users during Project Setup, the bookmarks editor will auto-fill this information
  4. Fill in the necessary information
  5. You can select from NOVA’s list of defects or free enter your own
  6. Optionally add an end point by navigating to another frame and hitting SHIFT+M - By default, new boookmarks have a 1 frame duration.

###Importing and Exporting Bookmarks
You can export bookmarks to share between systems or to use as the basis of a report.

  1. On the bookmarks timeline, right-click and select Export bookmark events
  2. Select a file location and click Save

The file will be saved in CVS format and can be imported into NOVA or opened with standard applications like Excel.