New in v 1.5: PDF Reports

CORTEX now produces a number of different formatted PDF reports for your sessions.

  • Summary Reports, with optional sections
  • Reel Reports
  • Data Discrepancy Reports
  • Copy Job Reports

All reports are available from the Export Reports button in the Bin area. The list of available reports depends on which Bin is active.

Summary Reports

Summary Reports are available from the Clip Bin and optionally include QC Notes, Reel details, File (Data Discrepancy) details and/or Copy Job Details. The report is formatted with summary details of all included sections at the top, followed by details of each.

  1. In the Clip Bin, click Export Reports
  2. Select a file path and report options
  3. Click OK

Reel Reports

Reel Reports are automatically generated and output to the deliverables directory once a Reel is closed and has completed rendering. They can also be generated from the Reel Bin view.

  1. In the Reel Bin, click Export Reports
    2 . Select which reports to export
  2. Click OK

Data Discrepancy Reports

Data Discrepancy Reports give details of files reported in a Manifest vs files present on the local machine and can be generated in the files Bin.

Copy Job Reports

Individual copy job reports are available from each Copy Job Bin.

This Job Summary report can also be exported from the Project Manager. You don’t even have to open the job to export the report. This can be useful especially if you need to export reports for multiple days for some reason.

  1. Go to Project Manager
  2. Right-click Job in job list
  3. Choose “Export PDF Report”

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