Occasional Error 30 on launch, requires reboot to fix

We have DIT+ on a smaller workstation, and every so often, we get the following errors, one after the other during launch. A reboot is the easy fix, wondering what could be wrong with our config and if there is a faster way to clear that does not require a reboot, so as to not disrupt other tasks running on the system.

Logs: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8i9kv43yirhbzkq/cortex-logs-2018-06-04-13-17.zip?dl=0

This sounds like it would be GPU related. What type of GPU do you have in the machine?

We are also having this issue but only one machine it has a Titan X in it.

Is this in v4 or v5?

We found a couple of google results about this problem happening after a computer suspend/wake cycle, and they also have to reboot to clear it. Do either of you allow your computers to sleep?

Hello- Cortex V4 at this time (DIT+)… GTX1080 8GB… This sparked an idea, we have a Red Rocket and a SAS card in the machine as well, we may re-order the slots to give the GPU more PCIe lanes… Will let test and report back!

V4 if I didn’t answer this.

We are still having this problem has there been any resolve.