One machine unable to launch Cortex, doesn't see the DB

I am getting a Cannot find project folder error when trying to start up Cortex on just one of our machines, the other 4 or 5 are just fine. I can mount the shared database and navigate around in explorer it pings just fine but Cortex fails to open. What am I missing here? I had to do a site shutdown due to electrical work and after powering everything back up is when the problem started.

It’s possible the config file was corrupted during the shutdown process.

If you are able to launch CORTEX but just not open a Project, click the Database button in the Project Manager, select your shared database (usually named “SHARE”) and click Edit Then check that all the setting in there are still valid and correct any that are not.

(See this article for more details)

If you can’t even launch CORTEX at all because of the error, you’ll have to hand edit cortex.config.xml located in C:\ProgramData\MTI

  1. Open the file in Notepad or your editor of choice and find the <Database> element.
    Immediately below that will be an element <CurrentConnection>somedatahere</CurrentConnection>
  2. Edit this so it reads <CurrentConnection>local</CurrentConnection>
  3. Save and close the file
    This will reset to the default local database, which should allow you to at least launch CORTEX.
  4. Then you’ll be able to do into the Database section and check on the settings as described above

Hmmm. Thanks for that Amy. I see my problem now, I don’t even have a program data folder…Not sure what went on here.

Be aware that ProgramData is a hidden folder, so you may have to chance your folder options to see it or type it directly in the address bar.

oh yes I know. I sorted it out and yes indeed the file was corrupted. All working now.