Phantom Flex 4k with v 2.0.3-b8235 - Deliverables not showing up/Any known issues?

Hey All,
Haven’t ran my machine in a bit and todays job is a Phantom Flex 4k job. Wondering if there are any known issues or surprises?

One thing I’m waiting to iron out until my render is finished is that I’m not seeing my transcodes(DNxHD36, no audio) in their deliverables folder as I’m rendering. I’m pretty sure I used to see them pop up as I rendered when I was using v1.5. Is this a know issue, or do I have a permissions issue somewhere in my folder structure causing cortex to not make the offlines? Not seeing any errors in my logs.

And indeed, the renders are not appearing. Any help would be appreciated, maybe in the next couple days. Using a less superior piece of software as a stop gap to just get the day done…phantom should not be used all day for an entire shoot… :frowning:

Sorry for the late reply. Are the renders failing? We haven’t heard of any issues using Phantom Flex 4k in version 2, but we can double check it here.

I think I figured out what happened, but wont have time to test until the weekend or next week. It seems seance (the software that is used to create the phantom’s cine files) will place the wrong meta in the cine files. So the camera shot project fps of 23.98, cortex saw them as 23.98, but never saved any renders. When I brought them into resolve it saw them as 29.97. Turns out seance put 29.97 in the meta data. I’ll get a correct 23.98 cine file and give it a try. I’m betting it’ll work as usual.