PHOTO-JPEG .MOV - Error -2048

Error when creating a Photo Jpeg .mov

When marking and in/out point (00:59:50:00 - End of program) and rendering a photo-jpeg, file will not open.

Error -2048: not a file that QT understands

A long time ago we fixed a similar issue with ProRes outputs. That was hard to track down because it was so intermittent.

Does this happen every time or is it intermittent? If you can reproduce it easily with a short file we should be able to find and fix it.

It happens every time. Even with a short 2min test.

@peter can you take a look at this one tomorrow?

I haven’t been able to reproduce this one…

Can you export the logs with these two options after a photo jpeg render completed?

Email those to us at support and we’ll take a closer look.

Unfortunately, nothing shows up in the log.

That’s probably just because no actual error is being logged or caught. Nevertheless, if you export the logs with the database snapshot per the above screenshot, we’ll have a lot more info to see if we can reproduce the issue. Thanks!

OK. I emailed the log to support.

I have been able to reproduce this with similar settings to what you were using, though it seems to depend somewhat on the length of the clip I’m encoding. In any case, not that we can reproduce it we should be able to find a fix. I’ll let you know if I learn anything more about it or how to avoid it in the mean time.

This should be fixed in build 4467.

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